Long ago, in the time of antiquity, a mighty and powerful civilization ruled the world of Envernus. The name of this great civilization has been lost to time, however, these beings, now known merely as the ancients, commanded unimaginable magical power and technology so advanced that they put the greatest works of elves and men of the current day to shame. Despite their achievements, the ancients were still mortal, but their power made them prideful and they sought to rip open the door to the heavens and take the place of the gods.

The ancients toiled night and day in their great capital, a grand city that floated in the sky, until at last they were prepared to conduct the grand ritual that would allow them to ascend to the heavens , but as the ancients spoke the final words of their magic, and the heavens were within their reach… a tragedy occurred.

Some called it the wrath of vengeful gods, some sabotage, and others a simple mistake. For instead of the mortal world rising to the heavens, the heavens fell to Envernus. Forever known as the star-fall, the reality warping magic led to a shower of meteors both mundane and magical, from planes both near and far. The rain of stars fell upon all of Envernus, destroying all in its wake, as chaos erupted, magics were amplified and disrupted, unimaginable horrors escaped their binds, the gods fell silent, and when the smoke finally cleared, the world of the ancients was gone, an uncertain new world rising from the ashes.

Envernus has been forever changed by the chaos of the star fall, a world reformed by divine retribution and ready to be shaped by new heroes, all while the ancients secrets sleep hidden in the dark corners ot this scarred world. Only time will tell if this heroes create a better world then that which came before, or repeat the mistakes of the ancients.

This is a record of those events, those which have shaped this world, and that which has yet to shape it, these are the memories of Envernus.

Memories of Envernus